Venue and accessibility

We’re aware access isn’t a one-size-fits all process, and variable and invisible disabilities exist. For us as larp attendees, the most terrifying thing to see on a page like this is ‘the venue is fully accessible, everything will be catered for. Please get in touch if you have any questions!’ So the purpose of this page is to try and give as much information about the site and plans as we can so that people can make informed choices about attending, but please get in touch if you would like to discuss anything. We are willing to make reasonable changes wherever possible to accomodate people, and we will endeavour to be honest if we can’t make something work.
We won’t have thought of everything but we hope we’ve thought of a lot. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or requests.

Game content


The game will include no contact based larp fighting.
Roleplay will happen all over the play area. This will be mostly organic, but with some events at set times in a set location, clearly signposted. A lot of people will want to move around between roleplay but it should be possible to do a lot of this while seated. There will be no particular requirements to stand up if seated at any time.
There is the potential for roleplayed physical threat, this is designed to happen in a dramatic fashion, not one where any running around to deal with it is necessary.


Please check our list of included themes.
There will be potentially dramatic and impassioned disagreements, sudden and unexpected betrayals and political scheming that can negatively affect any character. It will be essentially impossible to avoid contact with this kind of roleplay.
There will be plenty of IC disagreement. Players should not be use physicality or loudness to ‘steamroll’ players. We will cover mechanics to signal for reduced intensity or more physical space and safety options for if they are not respected.


The game is what it says on the tin: Tudor politics. No zombies or Huge Outer Horrors will turn up.
Unexpected events within the context of Tudor politics may well happen.

Physical access

The indoor play area is restricted to the ground floor this has level access throughout. There’s ramp access into this from the back garden.
The back garden is a formal garden with good gravel paths. If the weather is fine we plan to allow it as a playable area for strolling and plotting. We understand the front garden isn’t as easy to get a wheelchair to so we plan to keep it OC.
There is a downstairs room we may use as the dungeon, this is accessible via the wheelchair lift or down a short flight of stairs.
The kitchen and canteen are down a few steps with a ramp.
You can leave bags with anything you need close to hand downstairs near the play area.


There are a some bedrooms with good wheelchair and general physical mobility disability access. These are on the first floor, accessible via a wheelchair lift. Owing presumably to cursed architectural reasons, this lift doesn’t actually give flat access to the whole first floor with all of its bedrooms; the rest of the first floor bedrooms are up a few more steps.
The remaining bedrooms are upstairs via staircases on the first and second floor. Most people will need to use stairs to get to their bedroom. We will prioritise rooms with flat-rolling from the wheelchair lift to people who need them specifically for access including partners/carers, then for people who will struggle with stairs. If you can manage a few stairs but not many, we can put you on the first floor near the wheelchair lift.


The main rooms for roleplay are quite large and tall, the acoustics seem reasonable and there didn’t seem to be much trouble with echoes. If anything, sound tends to fade into the space so it can be hard to be heard over a long distance.
No recorded music will be piped during the game. Recorded music will be used to signal time-in & time-out.

Quiet room and OC areas

We’ll have an OC quiet room. This is on a level access to the play area with some soft furnishings and snacks.
The kitchen/canteen will be permanently OC and a space where people can step out to chill out and grab some refreshments. All meals except Friday night’s banquet will be available here.
Bedrooms are OC at all times, you can retire to them for quiet or rest at any time.


Water, hot and cold drinks and snacks will be freely available at all times in the canteen.
Food will be vegetarian by default with dietary requirements accounted for. Friday night’s meal will be served banquet-style IC in the main hall, the rest will be available in the OC canteen for people to eat when they are hungry. The OC meals will be kept available for a long time as more of a rolling buffet than separate meals.


Toilets will be gender neutral and labelled based on facilities. There are some toilets level with the play area.
The sleeping corridors have toilets and washing facilities every few rooms.

​First aid

There will be first aiders on site. The larp should not be particularly physically hazardous but we encourage everybody to take as good care of themselves and their fellow participants as possible.

Anything else

We are happy to make further reasonable adjustments wherever possible, for example:

  • Audio versions of character briefings
  • Large text or easy-read versions of IC documents based on your needs
  • Access to refrigerator space for medications, personal snacks, etc.
  • Discounted or free tickets for carers and assistants of disabled participants