Acceptable behaviour

Initially based on Snakepit Model Equality and Diversity, and Acceptable Behavior Policy v 0.5.5 by Doug McGregor

This policy does not intend to legislate for every possible situation, but we hope it makes clear the general principles we expect people to behave by. If somebody does something patently awful that is not specifically covered by this policy we will still do something about it.

You must not:

  • Discriminate or abuse people based on out-of-character attributes (including age, physical appearance, sex and/or gender identities including transgender status, race, disability, neurodiversity, nationality, religion, parental status, breastfeeding choices, class or social status, sexuality or relationship choices.)
  • Discriminate IC against others based on characteristics not included as acceptable themes in the game.
  • Criticise someone for using accessibility aids eg. wheelchair
  • Interfere with another participant’s belongings or mobility aids
  • Make references to unacceptable themes
  • Sexually harass other participants
  • Drink alcohol or use illegal substances on site
  • Smoke or vape indoors.
  • Film or photograph others without their consent
  • Attempt to shrug off responsibility for your actions, including by claiming they were in-character

You should:

  • Try to refer to people and groups using the language that they prefer and that respects the identities within them.
  • Respect other people if they make a request for their comfort, especially with the safety calls such as Cut and Lay Off
  • Let one of the Safety Team know if someone or something is making you feel uncomfortable

We reserve the right to refuse a booking from any person without giving a reason.

Acceptable Themes

Reginae Regis explicitly includes some difficult themes. In-character conflict and discrimination will be encouraged on these attributes.
There are also Excluded Themes and ‘Handle With Care’ themes. You can see these in full on the Content and Themes page


If you break this policy, we may:

  • Issue you a warning and/or discuss the situation with you
  • Ban you from attending future events
  • Ask you to leave the event
  • Share certain information with people including other organisers, at our discretion
  • Take legal action, if the situation is sufficiently serious


Any attendee is welcome to bring a complaint to a member of the Safety Team who will be clearly identified throughout the event. Complaints can be on behalf of yourself or somebody else.

We will:

  • Take all complaints seriously and act on them based on our best judgement
  • Respect the wishes of any complainant about involving external bodies such as the police unless we believe there is a serious risk of imminent harm that overrides this
  • Keep a log of all complaints accessible only to the Game Team
  • Keep your information confidential, especially around complaints
  • Aim to provide any reasonable adjustment needed to improve accessibility, and
  • Be honest with you if we feel we can’t provide an accessibility requirement