COVID safety

This plan has been designed to comply with UK law, based on advice from LARP-aware public health experts. We may change this if the situation changes.

Before the game

We expect everybody to be as vaccinated as they can given their personal circumstances.
You must take an LFT before travelling to the game, do not come if it shows positive. We’ll have spare lateral flow tests at check-in in case anybody has forgotten.
Do not come to the event if you have any new symptoms of any communicable disease even if you’re certain it’s not COVID.

At the game

Venue & airflow

The venue is largely indoors with lots of space and high ceilings throughout. We will make our best efforts to ensure good airflow through the building, but we may or may not be able to open windows.
There is an IC outdoor space which people are welcome to use but we can’t control the weather or daylight.

Sleeping rooms

We’ll try to allocate bedrooms based on either OC travel groups, IC groups, and people’s preferences. We will have a surplus of bedrooms so we can be quite flexible.


We understand that for some people masks are a serious access barrier for various reasons, and some people feel more comfortable with them. People are welcome to wear masks or not.
Organisers will be removing any masks to do briefings for ease of communication.
People will obviously be removing masks to eat and drink.

Cleaning and hygiene

We will clean any obvious touch-points pre-game and prop open what doors we can.
Hand gel will be available in various places throughout the venue.

Roleplay and personal space

We will have specific safety mechanics to indicate “OC back off and give me more physical space”, and distanced “IC kissing/canoodling”. We’ll cover these along with other safety mechanics in the briefing.

Illness during event

If anybody becomes ill during the event, we will set aside a bedroom for them in the venue to isolate in.
Getting home if you become ill is your own responsibility but we will do what we can to help.

After the event

Please let us know if you develop any symptoms. We’ll be happy to pass it on to the players without naming you specifically.