Where I’m from, we believe in all sorts of things that aren’t true… we call it history.

― Wizard of Oz, Gregory Maguire, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Knowing your character’s history

Our full timeline is very long! Nobody needs to read the whole thing but we’re putting it on the website since it’s public knowledge. We wrote in it that level of detail because as an alternative history, we felt it was really important to be clear what had stayed the same and what had changed.

The main ways we’ll cover history for the characters are:
Each character gets a personal history timeline in their brief. This picks out all the events that matter to them and their connections.
At the event, we’ll run through an interactive history of the entire court before we start.

History summarised

1485Wars of the Roses end. Henry VII wins.
1509Henry VIII becomes King and marries Catherine of Aragon.
1516Catherine gives birth to Princess Mary Tudor (legitimate daughter of Henry)
1519Henry Fitzroy born (illegitimate son of Henry)
1524Catherine Knollys (illegitimate daughter of Henry) born to Mary Boleyn
1531Henry breaks with Rome, issues the Act of Supremacy in Conclave making him the head of the Church but starting a period of doctrinal confusion.
Thomas Wolsey flees to Rome in disgrace. Thomas More fired as chancellor.
1533Church approves polygamy. Henry marries Anne Boleyn, crowns her Queen, Elizabeth Tudor born.
1534Act of Submission for The Clergy passed in Parliament. Church law is now subordinate to the King.
Act of Supremacy passed in Parliament. All citizens must swear an oath recognising Henry as the Supreme Head of the Church and Anne as Queen. Catherine of Aragon’s household refuse and retire from public life, including Thomas More.
First Act of Succession passed in Parliament. Princess Elizabeth declared heir before Princess Mary.
1536Dissolution of the Monasteries, their land and finances seized by the King.
Anne Boleyn is accused of adultery and sent to a nunnery.
Henry marries Jane Seymour
Mary Tudor returns to court
Congregation passes the 10 articles, ending a period of ‘doctrinal confusion’.
Pilgrimage of Grace occurs – a protest from the North against the dissolution of the monasteries. It is brutally suppressed.
1537The Bishop’s Book passed by Convocation clarifies theology further towards Catholicism.
Edward Tudor born to Jane Seymour.
Jayne Seymour becomes ill, withdraws from court for her health.
Catherine of Aragon returns to court at Henry’s request to manage the Christmas celebration
1538Second Act of Succession – Henry’s legitimate children will inherit, Mary Tudor before Elizabeth; Edward is not specifically mentioned
King Henry is excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church
1539First English Bible published – ‘The Great Bible’
Parliament passes the Six Articles, making doctrine more conservative.
1540Henry marries Anne of Cleves, she is not popular with the King and quickly isolated from the court.
Anne Boleyn returns to court and returns to Henry’s favour, she conceives quickly.
Thomas Cromwell executed for faking charges against Anne Boleyn
Third Act of Succession passed by Parliament, making Henry Fitzroy the legally legitimate son of Queen Anne of Cleves and King Henry.
Henry marries Katherine Howard.
Queen Jane Seymour returns to court and clashes with Anne Boleyn, chaos ensues.
Catherine of Aragon comes to court to deal with Henry’s wives and establishes an order of precedence based on who married first, then leaves court.
1541Birth of Eleanor Tudor to Anne Boleyn and King Henry
Birth of Agnes Tudor to Katherine Howard and King Henry
1543The King’s Book passed by Parliament, making doctrine more conservative
Henry marries Katherine Parr
Fourth Act of Succession passed by Parliament, Catherine Knollys is legitimised and a list of the legitimate children of King Henry is recorded. Order of succession is left to Henry’s will.
Birth of Cecily Tudor to Katherine Howard and King Henry
1544Church services must be given in English, not Latin
War with France. Henry wins the Siege of Boulogne. Catherine Parr is regent in his absence.
Birth of Isabel Tudor to Anne Boleyn and King Henry. The birth is difficult and the child is sickly.
1545French invasion fails. Mary Rose sinks.
Charles Brandon, the King’s closest friend dies.
Henry announces a delegation from the Catholic Church will visit.
Game starts.