Anne Boleyn’s court

Given Anne Boleyn’s role in the creation of the Henrician Church of England, most assume assumed they lean towards Reformer sympathies. Owing to her family’s connections, they have some support from France.

Queen Anne Boleyn

44, female
Second wife of Henry, the woman he desired so much that he created a new Church so he could marry her. She was accused of adultery and many gentlemen of her court were executed for the crime, including her own brother. She was banished from Court for many years, only to be brought back as part of a plot to bring down Thomas Cromwell. She attends court frequently and probably wields the most power of any Queen day to day. She is a strong public supporter of the Henrician Church.
She has three daughters – Elizabeth (13) before her banishment, and more recently Eleanor (4) and Isobel (1) who is sickly and not expected to live long.

Princess Elizabeth Tudor

13, female
Eldest daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry. Grew up in the shadow of her mother’s banishment until her mother was returned to court when Elizabeth was 7. Since then she has been a favoured princess and this is the first year she’s been allowed to stay at court with her mother rather than only visiting at Christmas.
Elizabeth is very attentive to the opinions of others but equally sparing with any indication of her true beliefs.

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

28, male. Privy Councillor. Military.
“The most foolish proud boy that is in England” – Henry VIII
Cousin of Anne Boleyn, son of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, cousin of Catherine Howard, childhood friend of Henry Fitzroy (who is now his brother in law due to Henry Fitzroy’s marriage to Mary Fitzroy, neé Howard). Unlike his family who have run off to support later Queens, he has always remained true to the first woman with Howard blood to be declared Queen.
One of the most noble noblemen in the country and very proud of his bloodline. A passionate poet, a renowned sportsman… but not exactly statesman material. He was famously locked in the Tower last year for getting drunk and smashing windows around Court.

Mary Boleyn

46, female
“The Great Whore”
Older sister of Queen Anne Boleyn, former lover of Henry VIII, former lover of King Francis of France, widowed by William Carey and now married to William Stafford – her father’s former groom. The scandal of her marrying a servant meant her family removed her from court just before Queen Anne’s fall from grace. Mary later returned to court alongside her sister to act as her senior lady-in-waiting.
One daughter by King Henry VIII – Catherine Carey. Catherine Carey has been removed from Mary and adopted by Catherine Parr as her legal daughter in all respects. Mary is rarely permitted to see her.

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer

55, male. Member of Convocation.
Former family priest of the Boleyns, rose to prominence in the King’s Great Matter and has maintained his position as Archbishop of Canterbury ever since. Considered a great enemy of the Henrician Church by Bishop Stephen Gardiner due to suspected Lutheran beliefs. Unpopular with the public due to the Reformation. He has been arrested multiple times and the complete trust of King Henry has always stood between him and execution.

Mary Sheldon

30, female
Cousin of Anne and Mary Boleyn, former lover of Henry VIII thanks to Thomas Howard’s machinations. Close friends with Margaret Douglas and Mary Fitzroy with whom she forms a literary circle who delight in collecting poetry and flirting in the style of courtly love.
A tragic romantic; every romance she has ever had has ended in the man’s death either by execution for adultery with Queen Anne or by tragic sickness before the wedding. The most recent of these left her his entire estate leaving Mary a wealthy but heartbroken women.