Our catering team is headed up up by Rosemary from Crucible Catering. She has an excellent reputation for creating menus that accomodate the dietary requirements of all players with a minimum of stress.

The menu will be primarily vegetarian/vegan, and adjusted to meet the around the dietary requirements of the players – we’re of the opinion it’s no use having a brilliant looking mediaeval banquet if half the people can’t eat it.

Refreshments, snacks

Tea, coffee, squash, etc. will be available at all times in the canteen. Snacks like fruit and crisps will also be available.

List of meals

We will add detailed menus for these meals nearer to the event.

Friday night banquet, IC
This is in-game. This will be a banquet served to the court in the main hall, several courses will be brought to the tables.

Saturday breakfast, OC, 8am – 9:30am
Out of game breakfast including cooked and cold options. Served in the canteen. Before time-in on Saturday.

Saturday dinner, OC, 1pm – 3pm
Out of game, lunch available in the canteen. Largely a selection of sandwich fillings to make up for yourself with some soup and sides. Available for a few hours so you can go get some food when it suits your character, and have the chance for a little break.

Saturday tea, OC, 6pm – 8pm
Out of game, cooked tea, served in the canteen. Available for a couple of hours.

Sunday breakfast, OC, 8am – 9am
Sunday is entirely out of game, we will have breakfast then clear up the site and leave.