About the team

Amy, the writer, is a part time larper, part time statistician, and full time history nerd. She previously wrote Pride Without Prejudice, a queer Regency larp for 45 players as well as running various smaller private larps and online Blood On The Clocktower games. She’s played larps in and out of the UK, run makeup and costume while being on Odyssey’s story team, and is currently NPC crew for Empire LRP.

David, the producer, was a founding member of Cambridge University Treasure Trap in 2003 and is part of Crucible Catering who have catered and produced medium sized larp events all over England in the last decade. He has regularly larped (and mountaineered) outside of the UK with only occasional unexpected loss of consciousness. Recent production credits include Pride Without Prejudice, Sing For The Coming Of The Longest Night, Hold Our Destiny. Currently NPC crew and occasional battle ref for Empire LRP.

Rosemary, the head caterer, is a professional costume-maker and a founding member of Cambridge University Treasure Trap as well as the other half of Crucible Catering, providing production and catering services to UK larps since the late 2000s. Her recent catering work includes dozens of PD player events, Falling Down and Death Unto Darkness.


We’d like to thank people who have helped with feedback on our websites and briefs, including:
Roz Horton, Simon English, Harry Harold, Arthur Boff, James Blackshaw, Roanne Hyde, Haz Kade, Marianne Wells and Bavo Thuwis. Thanks also for the theological advice from the Reverend Dr Alec Corio.