Date, times and address

10-12 November, Ingestre Hall Arts Centre, Staffordshire, ST18 0RF

1600h Friday 10th to approx 1200h Sunday 12th.


This timetable covers both OC and IC elements


1600h Players can arrive, get settled in bedrooms, sort costume, etc.
1700h Briefings – covering history and essential game functions
1830h Break to dress & prep for game start

1900h Time-in
1930h Arrival of the Papal delegation
2000h Court banquet honoring Papal Legates (food)
2100h to 2200h King Henry retires for the night
2300h Soft-time out – people can continue to roleplay but organisers will only be available for OC emergencies


0830h Breakfast available OC
0950h: Assemble by for time-in by religious allegiance (Catholic, Henrician or Lutheran as appropriate)
1000h: Time-in for end of Morning Mass
Last thoughts/prayers from priests officiating.
1030h: King Henry meets the Privy Council
The Privy Council are expected to advise the King on forthcoming events.
1200h: Formal presentation by the Papal Legates of Rome’s offer
1300h: Lunch available in OC kitchen
1500h: Convocation of Bishops
Bishops and specific guests meet to discuss England’s spiritual future
1700h: Evening Mass (Catholic, Henrician and Lutheran options)
1900h: OC Dinner available
2000h Deadline for amendments to the Act of Succession for Parliament (if any)
Last chance for politically influential characters to advise their followers in Parliament.
2200h Game End


0900h Breakfast available OC

OC Social time

Clear-up & leave site – please strip your bedding and put it in a designated pile.
We’d love it if people who are able could spare a few minutes to help out. We understand it won’t be possible for everybody but it’s great if we can get a bit of help so we can get away. The venue is being cleaned commercially so we don’t need help with that.

TBC but approx 1300h – deadline for players offsite