Jane Seymour’s Court

After being the first and only Queen to give issue to a legitimate son, Jayne Seymour’s health suffered badly. She was absent from court for several years and her court only attend large gatherings infrequently. Her court is staunchly Henrician, though it contains several men known to have Reformer leanings.

Queen Jane Seymour

37, female
Third wife of King Henry, married on the day of Anne’s banishment. She gave birth to Henry’s first legitimate son, Edward Tudor, and has been unwell ever since. Henry favours Edward greatly and treats Jane with respect as a result, but takes little pleasure in Jane’s company when it became clear she was not likely to conceive again. Jane rarely comes to court and spends much time in contemplation in the King’s most perfect religion and her most perfect son. She hates Anne Boleyn and blames her for her illness.

Prince Edward Tudor (child, possibly not appearing)

8, male, optional character for a young roleplayer with parental support
First legitimately born son of King Henry. Already highly educated, studious, serious and gracious.

Lord Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford

45, male. Privy Councillor. Military.
Older brother of Jane Seymour and Thomas Seymour, uncle of Prince Edward, brother in law of the King of England, member of the Privy Council. A respected statesman with known Reformer leanings. Edward has two wives in the tradition of the Henrician Church, Katherine and Anne. Katherine does not attend Court, Anne very much does.

Lady Anne Seymour, Countess of Hertford

35, female
Wife of Edward Seymour, known to spend a lot of time with Catherine Parr. Always arranging dinners and political meetings to enable more power to flow naturally towards her beloved husband, as is only natural. It’s an open secret that she resents the women who rank above her in court, especially the vacuous Catherine Howard.

Sir Thomas Seymour

36, male. Privy Councillor.
Younger brother of Jane and Edward Seymour, he holds multiple senior military positions particularly around coastal defences. Famed for his military successes in The Netherlands and France. Rumoured to be courting Catherine Parr when he was suddenly appointed ambassador to the Hapsburg court in Brussels and was not permitted to return until Henry had married her. He is unmarried and has the temper and appetite of a much younger man. Thomas is jealous of his brother Edward and believes he would make a better statesman. He realised his ambition of becoming appointed to the Privy Council a whole week ago… just before the fight broke out at it.

Bishop Hugh Latimer

57, male. Member of Convocation.
The Bishop of Worcester, a university mat. A noted Reformer who promoted almost Lutheran teachings for a time and ended up imprisoned in the Tower for opposing the Six Articles for their Catholic leanings. With Queen Jane’s support, Latimer has been released and attends her Court as her religious advisor and Chaplain.

Anne Bassett

Maid-in-waiting to Jane Seymour, sister of Catherine and James Bassett. Current mistress of Henry VIII and given some respect at Court as a result. Extremely loyal to Queen Jane, she uses her influence with Henry to promote her patroness and keep her in his mind. Her mother was a traitor who tried to betray Calais into French hands and is held in custody at Syon Abbey.