Foreign delegations and ambassadors

  • Represent the interests of a foreign power, or religion
  • Not controlled by Henry, which makes a refreshing change!

Foreign nations have ambassadors in the English Court to represent their interests and report back home. Once accepted as an ambassador at Court, it is politically difficult to remove them without upsetting their nation. It is nearly impossible to have them tortured or executed.

Often ambassadors make long-term political alliances with a supportive Queen, and operate as an ally of her Court. The Queen provides contact with the King, and the ambassador can say things to a King that it is not safe for the Queen to say.

Our setting includes long-term Ambassadors from France, Spain, and the Schmalkaldic League. There is also a temporary delegation arriving from the Pope in Rome.

Responsibilities at the game

  • No specific meetings
  • Represent the interests of your nation/religion

Ambassadors have no specific meeting times. They will have instructions from their patrons and will work with their contacts in Court to achieve their aims.